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Gold Standard Ear Microsuction Course

S P Care Clinic is led by Mr Davies Consultant, Founder & CEO, and this course is held from our lovely consulting rooms in Staffordshire it's accredited with 20 CPD points a introduction and competency certificate. The course is suitable for Doctors, audiologists, registered hearing aid dispensers, nurses, health care assistants and pharmacist.The course is designed to cover a wide range of theoretical knowledge starting from understanding the anatomy and physiology of the ear, learning about common ear pathologies and identifying red flags that necessitate specialist care to learning important aspects of setting up an microsuction clinic and technique of wax removal through micro-suctioning. The practical aspect of the course will include hands-on practice on one another until your competency day. 

Topics covered within the course will include:

  • Anatomy of the ear and Otoscopic examination
  • Common pathological conditions requiring aural care
  • Red flags and warning signs
  • How to set up a Microsuction clinic
  • Practical hands-on training for wax removal using micro-suctioning
  • Health and safety & quality standard considerations
  • Infection control and sterilization 

The competency day is a separate day where you will be working on real life patients to gain your competency.

Gold Standard Introduction to Ear Care and Microsuction plus one day competency day Staffordshire