Cryopen-Cryotherapy Skin Lesion Treatment

Newcastle Under Lyme /Stoke On Trent clinics only.

What is Cryotherapy
Cryotherapy (or cryosurgery) is the treatment of skin lesions by a cold substance, mainly liquid nitrogen. It is a relatively straightforward, almost painless procedure that involves the short exposure to liquid nitrogen or other cryogens, followed by slow thawing, also known as the freeze-thaw cycle.

This causes the destruction of selective cells, leaving cartilage and collagen intact, providing a framework for new tissue to adhere to. It also stimulates the immune system to destroy any remaining cells which might have survived the freezing temperature.

Cryopen-Cryotherapy is a great way to remove all kinds of skin blemishes from your face and body.
At S P Care Clinic we use the The CryoPen™ – which took 13 years to develop and is the most innovative, technologically advanced cryosurgery instrument on the market today for the permanent removal of:

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